The Waldrop PacSeat

Less time hanging stands. More time hunting.

David's Story

Thank you for visiting my website and expressing your interest in the Waldrop PacSeat. This seat was born out of a desire of a bowhunter to be able to hunt on the ground, with a bow, in complete comfort at the same time be totally effective on game.  Tall order - you're not kidding, especially with bow and arrow.

I was a typical deer hunter with usually eight to ten tree stands hung high and low, here and there, over yonder and just down the road. I became what I call a prisoner to my stands and more precisely to their location and the wind. Plus, I was getting older and not wiser and forgetting where I was hanging the darn things. I spent a lot of time hanging stands, clearing lanes, all the things we do, including "stinking up " the woods. A lot of time, I thought, could be better spent actually hunting. I was a tree climbing fool for a lot of years - never dreaming there was another way to do it. I finally got tired of it all, mainly not being able to hunt particular stands because of the wind. I needed to be freed some kind of way.

That way turned out to be the birth of the PacSeat. It has enabled me to hunt almost anywhere I choose, at anytime I choose, and be extremely effective, without having to hang a tree stand.

Special Thanks
I would like to send special thanks to my friends Matt Schuster and Sam Roberts for their help through wisdom!

Jonathan Wilson and Zack Kile (of Standing Pine Media) painted a picture for me and delivered it with the greatest of personal concern and unparalleled professionalism! Thank you!

Ron Sniff of Pueblo, Colorado<br> 
David's longtime friend, Former World Record Holder for Typical Mule Deer, and Bowhunter Extraordinaire!

Ron Sniff of Pueblo, Colorado
"My longtime friend, Former World Record Holder for Typical Mule Deer, and Bowhunter Extraordinaire!"  -David

Dendy Cromer of Lake Blackshear, GA.  - Traditional Bowhunter

Dendy Cromer of Lake Blackshear, Georgia
"Dendy pushed me toward a place I was not sure I could go. Thank you!"  -David

The Trophy Wall

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The Details

Price: $320 + shipping
Seat Weight: 5 lbs.
Sitting Weight Limit: 400 lbs.
Packframe Limit: 150lbs.
Dimensions: 14" x 38"

I offer one seat and only one seat. It should be all you need to have a wonderful hunting experience. The PacSeat is completely hand-made in my shop at home in Columbus, GA, and is a very labor-intensive process. Couple that with the high demand for the seat, and maybe you'll understand just how important it is that you place an order well before you intend to use the seat. Having inventory is difficult at best. So, get your order in soon!

I offer a lifetime guarantee on all parts and workmanship (except for paint) and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I accept checks, money orders, and PayPal. Contact me for details on paying with PayPal.


Note on the recent price increase: The drastic increase in material costs and high demand for the PacSeat has required me to raise the price of the seat.

Contact David to place an order today!

Contact David to place an order today!

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